Focus on you

Sometimes we have to make the decision to do for you instead of always trying to do for everyone else. You have to take the time to focus on you and your own mental health so you can be ok. I have ignored mine for so long and now I am taking the steps to focus on me. Another hard and interesting journey but I am looking forward to it.


Mental illness is real

I stepped away from my blog. Not because I want to but my mind would not let me do what I enjoyed doing so much. Mental illness will have you not wanting to do anything and have you in a box with no doors on them. Banging trying to get out but unable to escape. That is where my mind has been at and where it still is. It is still locked away but I am breaking through that locked box. This is me getting out that box because I stopped doing what I enjoy because My mind would not let me. So I am back on my blog and I am back to working on my poetry, writing and soon will be getting back to my photograph. I will be doing regular writings on my blog again and encouragements. I am sorry that I stepped away and I am sorry that I stop reading everyones work but I was not in my right mind to do anything and my mind was in a very destrutive state that I could not do anything. Mental Illness will have you on that cliff read to jump if you are not careful but your mental health is important. Seek help, talk to someone, you are important and you are loved. I will be speaking more and more on this because this is important and words must be said. I am working on me and while I’m working on me I will be honest in hope that I can help you.



Your life matters and your life means something. Never give up on you because so many want you here. Life is too precious to let it go when you have so much to love for. You may not realize it or see it but you are special and you belong. Never give up and never give in. You are a blessing to this world


Everyday Pain

Everyday I feel like I can’t make it thought the day. Not because I hate my life but because I am tired of dealing with the pain that I go through each and every day…but I still do. I still make it through. the day, and everyday after that because I have to. I can’t give up the fight that I am. Yes I deal with mental illness but I have to keep going. Mental health is not a joke and it is not an excuse. Mental health is real and many people go through their own eternal battles. It took me years to even acknowledge what I deal with but I have become stronger. Each day is a struggle and each day is a pain but I take each day full steam ahead because I have to. My path is becoming clear and talking about my struggles not only hello me, but I hope it will help others.