Your life matters and your life means something. Never give up on you because so many want you here. Life is too precious to let it go when you have so much to love for. You may not realize it or see it but you are special and you belong. Never give up and never give in. You are a blessing to this world


Everyday Pain

Everyday I feel like I can’t make it thought the day. Not because I hate my life but because I am tired of dealing with the pain that I go through each and every day…but I still do. I still make it through. the day, and everyday after that because I have to. I can’t give up the fight that I am. Yes I deal with mental illness but I have to keep going. Mental health is not a joke and it is not an excuse. Mental health is real and many people go through their own eternal battles. It took me years to even acknowledge what I deal with but I have become stronger. Each day is a struggle and each day is a pain but I take each day full steam ahead because I have to. My path is becoming clear and talking about my struggles not only hello me, but I hope it will help others.




Mental Health Awareness Month

This is the month where we bring even more attention to mental health. There are a lot of people who don’t acknowledge it or will just say it is an excuse but I am here to tell you that it is not. Mental Illness is real. It is not a joke and it is not an excuse. It is something that is taking away people from this earth each and every day. Take the time to call or text someone to see how they are doing. During this time while this pandemic is going on reach out to people. Let them know that they care and that they are special. So many are hurting inside and don’t know how to tell people. So many send signs and signals but people ignore them. The strongest person may be the one that is hurting deep inside and is waiting for someone to just reach out to them and just say I’m here”. I only can speak on how I feel and what I go through. I know how it feels to feel all alone, and to feel like nobody cares. It hurts and it eats you up inside. I know how it feels to be there for everyone but it felt like nobody is there for you. It tears you up. Mental Illness makes you feel like you are in a desert with no water and no shade and you are just trying to survive. You are not alone. That is what I want people to know. You are not alone in your feeling and you are loved. You are special and you are needed. Whenever those thoughts come into you mind, replace them with the thoughts of love and people. Family and friends. Life in general. The wind and the rain. The sun and the moon. Take all the in because that is what you will be missing and they will be missing you. Every day is a struggle. I know that because I do struggle everyday. I talk to myself to get through the day all the time because that is how I deal with my mental struggles. Stay strong and believe in yourself.