Think first 

Before you attack someone about their weight and telling them they just need to hit the gym you need to know some things first. That person may have a medical condition that prevents them from working out like you. The may have an injury or injuries that keeps them from working out. They may have a mental condition or illness that is affecting them. There are several reasons that people can’t work out. Think about that before you attack them and try to drag their names in the mud.

It’s hard at times

I had to step away from blogging and writing just to get myself right again. Depression is hard. Many who don’t deal with it will not understand, Many who do deal with it will know exactly where I am coming from. Depression can take over your life. It can send you into many different directions at the same time and can have you feeling many different things at the same time. It is difficult. It is something that I deal with every minute, of every hour, of every day. Some people will easily say it is not that bad and to get over it. For those that suffer from mental illness, it is that bad and at times it is not that easy to get over it. I can’t speak for everyone, I can only speak about myself and what I deal with it. I go through days that I just want to be alone and times that my brain goes to fast for myself. I struggle with my thoughts and how to deal with them. Sometimes it is a struggle to just get my day started or stay motivated. I know that I am not saying nothing different from what other people think, but for people that don’t understand this is what people with depression deal with. It is not an excuse to get over stuff, this is something that me and other people deal with everyday. I continue to struggle but I will not quit what I enjoy and love. I will not let depression destroy me and I will continue to work on my writing, blogging and my photography. I thought about expanding my writing into more areas so stay on the look out for them. Oh and I enjoy reading everyone I follow. Y’all are an inspiration and drive me to do more. Thank you for reading.


Figure it out (24/30)

You say you know me

just because you read me.

To bad you reading wrong

because the real me you don’t see.

Say what you want

and see what you will.

I’m an open door

if you got time to be still

Sit back relax

I will take you on a ride. 

I hope you enjoy thinking 

Just don’t run and hide.