Memorial Day

Today brings so many thoughts into my mind. My mind takes a rollercoaster ride endlessly while trying to figure things out. Memorial Day. This day is not about a day off. Not about getting together with people and going to the beach. Not about having or going to a cookout and getting your drink on. This day is about the brave men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can do all these things and more. So many talk about trying to find the best sales but will never reflect on the men and women in the military who died for them to do this. Not one, single thank you. Why? Why have we become a people that will ignore a person, or people, that have done so much for them. Hero’s that died so that we can be free. So that we can live our dreams without boundaries. It is not too much to remember these brave souls. Families grieve everyday for the loved ones that they lost. We should be able to at least honor them for one day. Memorial Day is everyday because every day we should remember all the brave men and women that gave their lives so that we can live ours. Never forget, Always remember.