Never Quit

The more I want to quit the more I push myself to keep going. I don’t speak to many people about my struggles but I will express them on my blog. I don’t tell people about my struggles with depression but I will write about it. Writing has become my passion and poetry is my love. I don’t express to peop[le my struggles with PTSD, but I will write here about them. Everyday I have to tell myself to “never quit”. The reason I tell myself this is because a everyday opens a door to quitting. I struggle with motivating myself each day because of what I go through mentally. If me writing this and sharing to the world motivates someone to be stronger, I would have done my job. I can not stress enough how hard it is to deal with mental problems but you can’t let that hold you back. “Never Quit” should be embedded in your mind so that you don’t give up on life. This is the phrase that you should be shouting in the mirror every morning, every night, and throughout the day. For people that deal with mental problems never quit is one of the mottos we tell ourselves. I can only speak for myself but there are many times that I wanted to quit. Family, friends and others have pushed me to not. Yes, I still deal with quitting and giving up, but I think about those words…”never quit” and I keep going. I keep writing, I keep speaking, I keep going because maybe something that I say will be what someone need to get them through the day.



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