I continue to share my thoughts and my struggles with depression. It’s not easy to share but I know it’s something I need to do because I know I am not alone.


A look into my mind

everyday is a struggle to make it to the next day. My mind is always battling to make it to the next day. My depression may be a mark against me but I try to use it to motivate me. Some days may be hard but I will try my best to go on.

Memorial Day

Today, let us not forget the brave men and women that gave their lives so that we can live ours. Today is not about cookouts, day offs and partying It is not about drinks and sleeping in. It is honoring and paying respect to all the men and women that gave us the opportunity to do them days. Our man should be filled with prayers for those men and women and for their families. Show your respect for them on this day. Please do not tell someone happy Memorial Day because it is nothing happy about it. Visit the graves of the  fallen, read their stories and tell their stories. Remember them always because they are the reason of this day. It don’t stop at today, but memorial day is everyday because every day we are free, we owe it to the brave men and women of all branches and all walks of life. Thank you.