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The path you stray away from may just be the path God wants you to take.



Is Freedom of speech really Free?

I ask myself…is freedom of speech really free? I continue to have mixed feelings on this topic. We have our 1st Amendment but when we use it some are criticized when they use it. I have a right to speak my opinion or the truth but why should i get dragged in the mud for that right? Why should my right be in the same category as the majority or the minority all the time? Freedom of speech is not freee anymore. You can stand up for your right, but you have to be ready for the backlash behind it. You are free to speak but you may lose your job behind it. You are free to speak but you may lose friends behind it. You are free to speak but you may be alienated behind it. So with all this, is it really beneficial to have freedom of speech? Some may say no but I say yes. We all have a right to speak up for what is true and what is right. If we can’t do that who are we? NOBODY. The freedom of speech raises views that we as a people need to talk about. Yes it may be uncomfortable to talk about some of these topics but we need to talk about them. Freedom of speech put into the light the topics that we need to focus on the most. Yes we will get attacked for some of the topics that we bring into the light but those are the same topics that need to see the light. Bring them out of the dark so that we can discuss them. We can’t become better as people if we don’t bring up the more controversial topics. Talk about it, speak on it, and make noise to make people aware of it. If we do nothing we turn into nothing. This world was built on people speaking out. So we have to continue what other people started and continue to speak out on topics that we believe in. So… is freedom of speech really free? Some will say yes and some will say no. Some will disown you and some will turn their backs on you, but it is what makes you…you. Speak your mind, bring up the issues. That is your right and that is what nobody can take from you.


You are Life

Life is what we make of it. Once we forget how to live and let life take over that is when we truly become lost. Never allow life to take over to the point that you lose who you are. You are a blessing and your are blessed. You are awesome and incredible. You live for you and the people who love you. Never let life take over your life to the point that you forget who you are.