A look into my mind

everyday is a struggle to make it to the next day. My mind is always battling to make it to the next day. My depression may be a mark against me but I try to use it to motivate me. Some days may be hard but I will try my best to go on.


Walk by Faith (3/30)

Walk by Faith.

Just like air we can’t see it.

Just like air we can’t feel it,

but just like life it’s there.

Guiding us and encouraging us.

Helping us and saving us.

God walks in front of us

so our path and way is clear for us.

Walk by Faith.

Clear your mind of doubts,

and let the love of God

be the guide you need.

Walk by Faith.


Morning Inspiration

Place your faith in God,

and focus on the path ahead.

He has it all mapped out for you

you just have to listen to what he said.

Trust in his teachings,

and never lose focus on the route

He will never steer you wrong

No matter how much you doubt.

Hold your head up,

and take those steps forward.

He’s guiding you every step

His arms you are walking toward.