Intoxicating Love

I am drunk off your love.

I can’t deny,

with every sip of your essence

I become more in-tune

with the mere though of you.

you are love reincarnated,

to represent love.

You are the definition

of what love should be,

and what love is.




New Year, New

As I step foot into the new year I have to look in the mirror and see the person that has been through so much last year. It was a hard year for me, but because of God, I made it through. As I sit here writing on my blog, I continue to ask myself the direction that I want it to take. The audience that I want to reach and the people that I want to touch. The conclusion that I came up is I want to reach anybody and everybody that will listen. I want every picture I post to be inspiring. Every word I type to be touching. I want This blog to have a meaning. Just like all the words I read from other blogs and the inspiration  that I read, I want this to hold those inspiring moments as well. From the Quote of the Day, to a simple picture post. From the thoughts flowing through my mind just as some paragraphs to a simple poem that came across my mind. This blog will be the outlet for all them. I hope you enjoy this journey.